and the Rocks Came Alive with Water

In the desert, on days such as yesterday, the dynamics of the landscape are explained by the movement of water. The gathering of rain into dribbles, then rivulets, then brooks and then finally, at least here, into creeks where the drama of a fall emphasizes the stories of water.

The short video below is just a taste of what the normally quiet and dry Red Rock Canyon NCA can become with a steady supply of rain. It takes place around Upper Lost Creek Falls on a bench of sandstone above the more popular Lower Lost Creek Falls. Here, on a Saturday, this place would normally be crawling with conditional wanderers. Today, however, I was alone. Oh how I love the rain!


4 comments on “and the Rocks Came Alive with Water

  1. Would like to put this on a loop and watch and listen to it over and over….

  2. Max Reynolds says:

    Great video. Most people wouldn’t of even have thought about what it’s like when it rains. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Thetis and Keith says:

    You know how they have the video of a fireplace that you can put on your tv? The would be perfect! Thank you for leaving the sound of the water as the background. Beautiful!

  4. char says:

    Great video. I’ve never seen the rain in Redrock make good falls like that, but have seen some great ones and sudden streams in interesting places in Zion (that’s where we’d always drive to madly whenever it rained at my Grandma’s, so we could try to see flash floods).

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