Desert Dweller and the Bluebirds

Yesterday was spent rockin’ out to the tune of Mother Nature.  Event location, Red Rock Canyon Theater just outside of Las Vegas, NV.  The crowd was light and the entertainment top notch.

Alright, now that the cheesy line is out of the way, just enjoy a couple pictures and some video from the desert after the only storm so far this winter.

The Arnight Trail is a 1.7 mile segment of the longer Escarpment Trail that runs along the cliffs of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  It connects the Oak Creek Drainage with the Pine Creek Drainage and is an ideal hike to avoid the crowded weekends.  Due to it starting at the last parking area on the Loop and down a dirt road, few visitors stop and begin hikes at this location.  This hike is best done in fall, winter and spring.

Here is the first “Terra Bit Edition” video.  Soft moments spent intimately with one form of nature or another.  Think Sunrise Earth in an easily digestible format.

End Desert Begin City


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